Actor, Rhett Lindsey,
Disrupting or the Truth


UPS Nationally recognized for their
LGBTQ Business Resource Group


David Ricciardi and Proximo shepards
in supplier initative


A Family's Call to Action


NaVOBA highlights LGBTQ
veteran business


NGLCC conference sets records


Colombian-born business owners
empower LGBTQ individuals



Recent Stories

Diversity Champion

EY’s Howe leader in corporate diversity and governance – retiring at end of year Stephen R. Howe Jr., a stalwart supporter of diversity, is retiring at the end of 2018. He has served as EY’s
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Empowering diversity

A seat at the table BP’s Ray Dempsey talks strategy to help achieve diversity goals. By Melissa Lowery When Ray Dempsey graduated with an engineering degree from Kansas State University in 1990, he received job
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Digital Marketing

Cultural touchpoints 4 tips for creating memorable memes By Esther J. Cepeda Marketers, if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your memes on. For the uninitiated, memes are images — still or moving, in
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Profile Spotlight

Self-Sustainability begins with entrepreneurship on a global scale By Peter Fretty With the right support, entrepreneurship can wield great power. With a mission of investing in LGBT entrepreneurs across borders, the Minneapolis, MN-based Mossier Social
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International Spotlight

United Nations Officer, Fabrice Houdart champions the LGBTI business community on a global scale By Brenda Matamoros-Beveridge At about Noon on July 13, 2018 Fabrice Houdart, Human Rights Officer at United Nations, was just getting
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Momentum Gala Celebration

Photos courtesy of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is the world’s premier nonprofit organization dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender workplace equality. The organization partners with Fortune 1000
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Seven Steps to Supporting Transgender Employees in the Workplace

AN INTERVIEW WITH STAN C. KIMER In recent years, we’ve seen many headlines regarding transgender issues across the country. Affinity Inc Magazine sat down with Stan Kimer to gain his insights on how a company
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ERG/BRG Survey

American Airlines “Our Pride group’s forward-looking focus for the coming year is to continue their work with company leaders and team members to ensure fairness, acceptance, and inclusion in all company policies, programs, business practices,
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What’s the Trend with ERGs and BRGs?

Q&A with Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Leah Kyaio INTERVIEW WITH LEAH KYAIO Leah Kyaio has been a diversity and inclusion professional for more than 20 years and has provided consulting and professional development services for
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Affinity Inc Magazine Welcomes Terri Quinton to Advisory Board

Affinity Inc Magazine announces the addition of Terri Quinton, President of Q2 Marketing Group LLC and CEO & Principal of Alliance of Diversity Printers LLC, to the magazine’s advisory board as of September 1, 2017.
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