LGBTQ+ Entrepreneur Spotlight

New York, NY

From an early age, Soulo Founder Brian Lamy had the mindset of a creative entrepreneur. At the same time, he was trying to figure out what it meant to be gay. Every night when he took a bath, the one thing he kept coming back to were feelings—how to feel, the lack of feelings, what they’re trying to tell him and what to do with them.

Brian created Soulo to redefine how we approach feelings as a culture, with an experience that acknowledges where you’re at instead of just telling you to feel better. The Soulo Experience is an elevated bath routine that pairs candles and bath soaks with the emotional benefits of music and reflection, creating a space for self-exploration in a different way than traditional meditation.

Soulo’s current experiences help evoke feelings of relaxation, renewal, and inspiration by tapping into the science behind the human senses. The candles and bath soaks are crafted with all natural ingredients such as essential oil, soy wax, coconut milk and Epsom salt.

The Soulo Experience is a great way to gift an experience for someone else or yourself that goes beyond just lighting a candle and taking a bath. 

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Brian Lamy, founder, Soulo