Construction SPOTLIGHT
By Brenda Beveridge

Some of the most secure rooms in the world are located inside aerospace facilities and banks. Jordy Construction has over 64 years of expertise and knowledge constructing those rooms for their prestigious clients.

For those clients we build very technical facilities. For the aerospace industry they are generally built to Department of Defense standards and are called SCIFs (sensitive compartment information facility) and these rooms cannot be spied on. It’s all about security,” said, Charles Jordy, second generation owner of Jordy Construction out of Denver. “For banks, there are a lot of things as customers we don’t think about. You must really understand the safety of the public and employees including their line of sight, emergencies, etc.” Jordy Construction clients include Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman.

One of their biggest clients is JP Morgan Chase.

We have the pleasure of building our fifth bank for them in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We just finished a beautiful bank in Aspen, Colorado,” Jordy said. JPMC has a true commitment to diversity through all the aspects of their business – customers, employees, community, suppliers and partners.

The company does not only build top secret facilities, but they also focus on retail space and restaurants.

We have about sixty or seventy restaurants we have worked on around the country. We always have two or three restaurants building at any time. We get to work with artists and very creative people when we work these projects. It’s a fun outlet,” Jordy said. “The biggest change in restaurants we see is a more relaxed atmosphere than restaurants twenty years ago. There’s more communal sitting and lounge areas, kind of like a cocktail party atmosphere with everyone mingling, less formal,” Jordy said.

Jordy’s business is certified with the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce for the past 8 years.

When I got certified and went to my first conference, it was eye-opening for me to see Fortune 500 companies committed to diversity. We met JP Morgan Chase through being certified, as well as Verizon. We’ve built six or seven Verizon facilities around the country,” Jordy said. “I know how stringent it is to be certified with the NGLCC because I am now on the certification committee. I help review the companies and sometimes we review 40 companies in a month.”

As with many diverse companies involved with their diversity chambers, Jordy Construction understands the value of doing business with diverse Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.

Our clients not only seek us because we have diverse status, but we as a general contractor seek out and develop diverse subcontractors,” Jordy said. “In other words, a good percentage of the job is handled by a good percentage of diverse participation and diverse spending. So, we pay if forward and we are highly encouraged and mandated by our clients to do that. They want to see the dollars flow down and through diverse communities. Being an active member of the NGLCC has been a game changer for our business.”

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