In a world of #MeToo, pay gaps and political divides, it is time for business to take the lead on inclusion

Diversity and inclusion was once merely seen as a subset of HR. Today it has acquired front-page status on newspapers, it is a standing item in boardrooms around the world, and it is driving public pressure for change. But while many organisations still treat inclusion compliance issue, others are embracing it to make diversity a real driving force for their success.

Diversity is a reality for all businesses today. A diverse workforce is a business imperative, bringing together different strengths, experiences and knowledge to eliminate blind-spots and improve problem-solving. Inclusion, however, is a choice, and in a new book, Building an Inclusive Organization, leading diversity and inclusion experts Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina outline the practical steps business leaders should take to ensure all employees are supported, happy, engaged and productive.

Building an Inclusive Organization: Leveraging the power of a diverse workforce is an accessible guide to creating an environment of real inclusion, from recruitment and selection, through to overall business strategy. It illustrates the points with fascinating real-life case studies, including Lego, the BBC, the UK Armed Forces, Uber, Harvard University, KPMG and the NHS. It provides the tools to:
• Embed inclusion into an organization’s culture
• Create a culture where employees are happier, more engaged and productive
• Remove unconscious bias from recruitment and selection
• Build a workforce with wide knowledge and without blind spots in their decision making
• Make the case for diversity and inclusion to stakeholders
• Provide useful inclusion initiatives for companies of all sizes

Building an Inclusive Organization is an essential roadmap for any managers, leaders and HR practitioners who want to build a culture of diversity and inclusion within their organisation. The tools, ‘nudges’ and techniques can be applied in organisations of all sizes and sectors, with insightful sections focused on the work the authors have done in the creative industry, finance, tech and academia.

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About the authors:
Stephen Frost (right) is the CEO and founder of diversity and inclusion consultancy Frost Included. He has acted as an advisor to both the UK government and the White House, as well as organisations like KPMG, the BBC and Barclays. Stephen was the head of diversity and inclusion at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, he also established and led the workplace team at Stonewall.
Raafi-Karim Alidina (left) is a consultant within Frost Included, where he helps create more inclusive workplace cultures through his expertise in data analysis, measurement of inclusion and using behavioural economics. He was a research fellow at the Centre for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School where he did research on gender bias in negotiations.