AIMdigital_Cover_JulyAugust_7_3_15Affinity Inc Magazine — the nation’s foremost quarterly publication dedicated to the success of LGBT business equality — launched its first-ever spinoff magazine, AIM Digital, this summer. The new online bimonthly publication is available at and caters to the LGBTQ business leader’s and business owner’s perspective of the journey from equality to equity.

AIM Digital launched with Melissa Lowery as its editor and Tony Dobson as the creative director.

Melissa Lowery is a seasoned journalist in the area of minority-owned businesses and LGBTQ Business Equality, covering stories from small business owners and entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEOs and advocacy groups.

“I admire Robin’s vision to provide greater insight into the work being done, and what remains to be done, for LGBTQ Business Equality, and am excited to be part of AIM Digital,” Lowery said. “I am looking forward to bringing stories to our readers that impact their lives professionally and personally.”

Tony Dobson, owner of Backdoor Media, joins the team after leading several design projects for Affinity Inc Magazine; including its new brand identity.  “Pre-press and printing are embedded in my DNA, said Tony Dobson. “My father was a print foreman for the New York City Daily News and often suggested that I learn a trade. That advice put me on the path to become AIM Digital’s creative director. Thanks to Robin, I have a unique opportunity to create a smart aesthetic to complement the level of its editorial content.”

AIM Digital provides a forum for LGBT business owners, business leaders and advocates supporting LGBT economic empowerment to tell the story and build the voice of the LGBTQ business equality community.

In addition to offering feature stories inspired by Affinity Inc Magazine – which is celebrating its third anniversary – AIM Digital offers original content aimed at helping LGBT individuals in their everyday lives, from financial planning and family matters, to travel and recreation.

“AIM Digital features a unique blend of corporate specialists, entrepreneurial experts and public advocates who provide readers with authoritative information and practical tips for launching or expanding their businesses,” said Robin Dillard, publisher of Affinity Inc Magazine and AIM Digital. “We have enjoyed solid support from the corporate, government, academia, non-profit and LGBT communities alike. We are confident that AIM Digital will bring even more value and inspiration to the business community.”

Each edition of AIM Digital covers a variety of stories, including:

Corporate Spotlight: Corporations have created inclusive workplaces, workforce, supply chains, marketing, communications and philanthropic initiatives. Learn about the people behind some of the world’s most recognizable brands and what they’re doing to improve corporate culture.

Small Business Leaders: LGBT-owned companies bring innovation, creativity and loyalty to the table. AIM Digital highlight the businesses that have proven track records and those that are creating buzz, even in the start-up phase, proving that bringing one’s true self to the marketplace is a boon for bottom lines.

Nonprofit Advocates: Many organizations have taken the lead in advocacy on behalf of the LGBT business community. Whether they’re taking LGBT issues to elected officials and asking for political action, or working with corporations and public agencies to achieve true equality, AIM Digital is covering their efforts.

AIM Resources: Experts offer their wisdom and tips on such topics as certification, business growth, marketing, market development, recruiting, workforce training, global horizons, social media and accessing financial assistance.

LGBT Matters: Human interest stories that often have indirect business or financial implications, from marriage and adoption, to financial and estate planning, to travel and recreation – and almost everything in between. These stories will inspire readers to sometimes take action and other times to be introspective.

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