Business Equality Pillars Lead the Way for LGBT Economic Empowerment

Within the LGBT equality movement are a number of organizations with important missions that keep the momentum and focus on business moving forward. At Affinity Inc, we have followed and supported many of these groups, but are particularly interested in drawing attention to the following pillars for their pursuit of LGBT business equality:

  • HRC – Human Rights Campaign visit
  • NGLCC – National Gay & Lesbian  Chamber of Commerce visit
  • Out & Equal Workplace Advocates visit
  • PFLAG – Parents, Friends and Family  of Lesbians and Gays visit
  • StartOut visit

Collectively, the missions of these pillar organizations —and their respective networks of affiliates and partners— define LGBT business equality as a movement of its own. These organizations represent a large number of partners, members and supporters that are working to secure the very foundation of LGBT business equality and economic security. The five pillar organizations regularly featured in Affinity Inc Magazine are trusted and loyal partners of some of the largest companies and brands in the world. We invite you to think strategically about what each of these organizations means to the movement and why your continued support makes a difference.