I am a runner. I did not say I am a FAST runner; nevertheless, I am a self-proclaimed runner. As a Human Rights Campaign® Ath- lete for Equality, I am planning to complete my fifth marathon this fall. The commitment to all the early morning and long weekend runs in the heat of summer and the strict eat- ing and hydration schedule, along with the required strength training and adequate rest always make me question my sanity. I am confident about completing this race.* When I wake up race-day morning and witness some 50,000 like-minded runners headed to the starting line, I’ve already won. Faith, courage and resolve are all that’s required.

I am an American. I did not say what type of American; nevertheless, I am a self-proclaimed American for LGBT equality. I think the realization of full equality will be a lot like my process for completing a marathon. We simply must keep moving forward, take delight in our victories along the way and continue to visualize what it feels like to win. The Supreme Court of the United States ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8 earlier this summer were monumental victories in the struggle for full equality.

In this issue of Affinity Inc Magazine, there are stories of people and companies moving forward — Derrick Brown at NGLCCNY on page 28 and Brinker International on page 18. If you’re looking for victories to savor, turn to page 24 to read about the debut of the New Jersey LGBT chamber. Don’t miss the discussion of the implications of the DOMA ruling on American immigration policy on p. 27 and HCR’s Healthcare Quality Index on p. 33. There are many reasons to celebrate as we continue the journey to LGBT business equality with faith, courage and resolve.


Robin Dillard, Publisher