When more of us are concerned about the rest of us -Winter 2015

I heard a wise woman once say, “When more of us are concerned about the rest of us, the world will be a better place,” and I agree.  This need to lend my voice to the collective concern of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender economic empowerment comes from an understanding of what it means to make
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Best practices, next practices – Fall 2015

As part of our mission to promote and support LGBT business owners and the business case for their equality, along with meeting the demands of digital consumers, we have launched an additional phase of the Affinity Inc Magazine journey. Earlier this summer, we successfully launched AIM Digital — our subscription-based, all-digital, national business publication especially
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MORE – Summer 2015

Affinity Inc Magazine debuted at the 2012 National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Business & Leadership Conference in Chicago. During the span of three years, it seems that everything has changed — but, has it really? The United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of marriage equality. Other federal, state and local legal
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Partnership’s profound benefits – Spring 2015

In this issue of Affinity Inc Magazine, we focus on the profound benefits of partnership and cite many examples of how it’s working across the business equality community. At the federal level, the U.S. Small Business Administration and National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce have created LGBT Business Builder to connect their wealth of
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Speaking up for Economic Empowerment – Winter 2014

I’ve heard it said, “Equality does not equal equity.” Equality is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities. Equity is the security representing an ownership interest. In spite of all the gains with marriage equality, the fact remains that the LGBT community actually faces higher rates of poverty, homelessness and economic
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Inspired by Brilliance – Fall 2014

October is LGBT History Month, and we are all beneficiaries of the contributions made by LGBT people in the arts, sciences, sports, entertainment, government, philanthropy, business, etc. Spend a few moments reflecting on the brilliance of the many people who have shaped our collective history — people who happen to be LGBT. In the pages
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The Pillars – Summer 2014

Within the LGBT equality movement are a number of organizations with important missions that keep the momentum and focus on business moving  forward. At Affinity Inc, we have followed and supported many of these groups, but are particularly interested in drawing attention to the following pillars for their pursuit of LGBT business equality: • HRC - The Human Rights Campaign • NGLCC -
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Core Values of Diversity and Inclusion Endure – Spring 2014

Spring is here and let me tell you I’m ready. It was an especially tough winter here in the Northeast, but not tough enough to keep our Affinity Inc Magazine team down. Before we get into what you will find in this issue, I want to take a minute of personal privilege and share a
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Dream Big – Winter 2013

2013 started and ended with more promise for equality than I could have imagined. Lesson learned — we have to dream big. From the Human Rights Campaign Inaugural Ball in January celebrating the second term of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden all the way to the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of
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Combine Authenticity With Action – Fall 2013

Authenticity is a recurring theme across the LGBT business equality movement these days. We are encouraged to bring our authentic selves to the work- place. For those of us who are business owners, we are told to pay close attention to our executive presence as it is informed by individual authenticity and choice of outward
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