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Nancy Geenen, Visionary, CEO, Flexability LLC, New York, NY

Q. What did you want to be when you were a little kid?

A. I wanted to be a doctor like my dad. He saved the lives of his patients and trained other doctors to save lives. He and my mom traveled to many countries to meet with other doctors and work on better solutions. He wrote books about his work, and I helped edit his first medical treatise.

Q. What does your company do?

A. Flexability helps leaders create high-performing teams by improving communication and engagement that results in better productivity and profitability. We support the organizational objectives and goals of our clients. Using our Listen, Align, Deliver approach, we design tailored strategies to help teams achieve better alignment that improves performance.

Q. How long has your company been in business?

A. Since June 2019.

Q. Can you tell us about why and how you started the company?

A. We started Flexability to build equity and inclusion in the workplace. At Flexability, we believe that people are the competitive advantage. We want leaders at all levels of the enterprise to become better leaders and managers. Our senior team wanted to create a workplace that embraced a people-first philosophy focused on stakeholder primacy.

Q. Hat has been your biggest business challenge in the past year?

A. COVID-19 presented an unprecedented external challenge for our company, like many others. We leaned into our core values of abundance, bravery and creativity to survive and succeed.

Q. What is one thing that makes you stand out from your competition?

A. As a B Corp, Flexability is women-, disability-, BIPOC-, immigrant- and LGBTQ+-owned. The intersectionality of our leadership has taught us to be curious and seek permission to ask questions. B Corp has named Flexability Best for the World – Governance, and Inc. magazine named Flexability its Best in Business for Management Consulting in 2022.

Q. What do you wish you had more time to do?

A. Coming from a place of abundance, I choose how I spend my time. I’m very good a “selfish well-being.” I love taking walks with my wife, Judith, and our two dogs. I love our family dinners when our daughters are home with us. I love my two hours of reading and thinking time in the mornings. I love spending time with accomplished leaders who are devoted to working on world challenges.

Q. What’s your favorite place in the world you’ve ever visited?

A. My favorite place is New Zealand. I visit with new and old friends. I fly fish, play golf, drink good wine, eat good food and take long walks.

Q. What is one piece of business advice you would offer your LGBTQ+ peers?

A. Be curious about yourself and your environment. Spend time on self-awareness and learn to love the child that experienced that harm that made you feel like an “other.” Then find a place to live and work with people who love you for who you are. Become the leader you’ve always wanted to work for.

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