By Lori O’Harver

Opportunity is infinite and everywhere but sometimes shows up quietly in everyday clothes in the middle of what feels like disaster. When Kristy Ramsey lost her day job during the pandemic, she recognized opportunity, welcomed it and Content Maven Media was born.

Content Maven Media provides Chicago area businesses with high-quality business visuals by building on trusted relationships with a company that understands the market and brings each individual business’s market share to life through personal feeling connection. Every region has its own flavor, needs and proven strategies. Chicago based businesses speak to Chicago and surrounding areas. Content Maven Media has a deep understanding of this and applies it to every client’s needs.

“Photography was my side hustle and helping people is my passion. In this digital, very visual age, small businesses need a sharp digital footprint to be competitive in the marketplace. Helping them tell their stories with compelling imagery and concise messaging is the cornerstone of growth,” said Ramsey. “Placement options are vast and also need to be customized to target the right audiences.”

Are your customers TikTok types? Is Instagram where they feel at home? Is FaceBook advertising right for you? How do you navigate that? Maybe you need the unlimited content length afforded by YouTube, but how do you establish, maintain and grow a channel?

Content Maven Media is built on relationships. Getting to know a client’s business goals, their strengths and creating custom, high impact campaigns that visually represent their products, services and ethics requires trust, sharing and close collaboration is an organic process for Ramsey. The result is a well-coordinated, multimedia representation of what the client does best that allows them to focus on what’s in their business wheelhouse without having to learn time consuming, expensive new technical skills or focus on the strategic timing of the release of those messages.

“Affordability comes into play in any marketing plan. Content Maven works with both start-ups and established micro business people who are constantly challenged by the diversity of the constantly growing platforms available and how to not only keep up, but rise to the top,” Kristy Ramsey said. “Technically, I optimize and customize everything from great still photography, highly polished video edits, podcasts, laser-focused copy and offer our entire business network to provide valuable growth opportunities beyond the scope of what Media Maven provides.”

In founding and launching Content Maven Media, a master’s course in small business pain points was learned by trial. Access to working capital is a real issue for start-ups and small, minority-owned businesses. Mentoring for entrepreneurs seeking to make their move is at a premium.

“Walter Mendenhall of Male Mogul Initiative holds a special place in my heart and my business’s success. He’s one of the key people I connected with and connect my clients to today,” said Kristy. “I have a special place in my heart for the non-profits that serve our community.”

Not exclusive to but in tune with the trending business concept of LGBT owned businesses who seek to do business with and support other LGBT owned business, Content Maven Media strengthens the growth of these businesses through the growing network.