Robin Dillard

After four successful years at the helm of Affinity Inc Magazine, LGBT business equality advocate and supplier diversity expert Robin Dillard announces her new role as CEO and Managing Principal of The Business Equality Network. The Business Equality Network builds on Dillard’s unique accomplishments in the LGBT business diversity space and expands her services and communications platforms to reach an even broader audience including certified minority business enterprises, corporate diversity executives, diverse nonprofit organizations and colleges and universities with LGBT, MBA or entrepreneur programs.

Dillard co-founded Affinity Inc Magazine in 2012 to address the need for a more robust discussion around the defining issues of LGBT Business Equality. Affinity Inc Magazine was the first national publication solely dedicated to LGBT equality in business.

“Last year’s marriage equality ruling was a monumental victory for LGBT justice, but our movement now faces cruel legislative attempts to roll back progress in states across the nation. The time is right to strengthen the economic empowerment of the LGBT community through the Business Equality Network,” said Dillard.”I am passionate about creating strategic opportunities to leverage relationships, media platforms and technology to support LGBT diversity in the workplace, marketplace, supply chain, and the philanthropic endeavors of corporate America.”

The Business Equality Network aims to broaden the scope of Dillard’s business equality initiatives, using multiple delivery methods including:

  • a dedicated channel on a multi-channel mobile broadcast network
  • radio broadcasts through partnerships with popular national business radio talk shows
  • digital and print magazines, beginning with a 2016 Summer Edition

“These promotion vehicles will amplify the voices of the LGBT business community and create opportunities for underrepresented, small and medium businesses to openly, authentically and dynamically engage the larger economy,” Dillard said.

During her tenure at Affinity Inc Magazine Dillard championed the national LGBT business voice with the support of brands like American Airlines, Apple Inc, Chevron, EY, IBM and United Airlines. The magazine gained significant notoriety at local, regional and national diversity conferences and events. Through her leadership and strong business relationships, sponsorships grew to include Nationwide, AXA Equitable, AFLAC, Cargill, Capgemini, CVS Health, Johnson & Johnson, JPMorgan Chase, Kellogg, RBC Wealth Management, US Tennis Association and many more. Dillard also created the Top Corporations for LGBT Economic Empowerment list, recognizing 100 large employers for their contribution to the well-being of LGBT businesses and employees.

The Business Equality Network will serve diverse entrepreneurs, corporations dedicated to diversity and inclusion, nonprofit organizations focused on business equality, and consumers who support business equality.

“I am uniquely positioned to forge an even greater path in the business equality arena through the work of the Business Equality Network,” Dillard said. “My intent is to do my part to help take this movement to new heights, bringing together even more large corporations, LGBT-owned businesses and LGBT equality organizations.”

Dillard is an advocate for business equality, an expert in business diversity and a supporter of LGBT economic empowerment.