finds more cities working toward LGBT equality
In addition to the Corporate Equality Index, the Human Rights Campaign issues the Municipality Equality Index, an annual scorecard on cities and their support of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals who live and work locally. The study ranked each city on nondiscrimination laws, relationship recognition, employment and contracting services, inclusiveness of city services, law enforcement and the LGBT community and municipal leadership on matters of equality. The 2013 MEI reported on 291 cities from every state, 25 of which earned a perfect score of 100. This is the second year for the HRC to produce the study. In 2012, 137 cities were surveyed, with 11 scoring 100.
The MEI found that traditionally conservative cities in the South have improved their LGBT policies and practices. “In every corner of America, local governments are taking action, even where statewide protections are missing. For the first time, Southern cities are among those scoring 100 points on the MEI,” HRC President Chad Griffin said.
“This summer’s historic Supreme Court rulings underscored the fact that there are two Americas when it comes to LGBT issues: one America — mostly on the coasts —where legal equality for LGBT people is nearly a reality and another America where even the most basic statewide legal protections are nonexistent. Yet, the 2013 MEI reveals that — even in this second America — municipalities are leading a quiet, pro-equality transformation.”
The following cities scored 100 on the HRC MEI. The scores for municipalities surveyed in 2012 are listed in parentheses.
Atlanta, Ga. (82)
Austin, Texas (91)
Baltimore, Md. (88)
Boston, Mass. (100)
Cambridge, Mass. (100)
Chicago, Ill. (95)
Columbus, Ohio (83)
Jersey City, N.J. (83)
Kansas City, Mo. (85)
Long Beach, Calif. (100)
Los Angeles, Calif. (100)
Madison, Wis. (95)
Minneapolis, Minn. (91)
Missoula, Mont.
New Haven, Conn.
New York, N.Y. (100)
Palm Springs, Calif. (77)
Philadelphia, Pa. (100)
Phoenix, Ariz. (70)
Portland, Ore. (100)
St. Louis, Mo. (100)
San Diego, Calif. (100)
San Francisco, Calif. (100)
Seattle, Wash. (100)
West Hollywood, Calif. (98)