Cover Spotlight
By Brenda Matamoros-Beveridge

If you look around the National LGBT Chamber International Business Conference, (NGLCC), every sound you hear, sight you see, excitement you feel is due to the creative works of edgefactory, an Emmy® and Telly® award-winning, a full-service creative production company founded in 1999.

With creative event branded content, edgefactory has added flair throughout the International Business Leadership Conference at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. From content design in the general sessions, to the breakouts, registration, digital signage, and custom events, edgefactory brings life throughout the conference to create a unique experience for the procurement and corporate buying audience.

Justin Nelson, NGLCC President, wants the international business conference to be the best diversity event in the world,” said Brian Cole, president, CEO and co-founder of edgefactory. “They book the keynote speakers, talent and other presenters, and we package it from the time you walk up to registration, to a welcome loop on the digital signage, to the numerous sponsor loops that play throughout the hotel. We even pulse our content to the live EDM DJ playing as people enter the General Session. We are creating an immersive experience with audio visual technology, event branding, and overall creative event experience management. We attempt to immerse the senses in making this not just another conference, but a conference experience.”

edgefactory has grown from a boutique agency into a key global provider of multi-disciplined creative resources. From working with big brands such as Disney, Merck, and Facebook, they manufacture brand experiences through Creative Works. Specializing in creative content design, and with strict adherence to brand compliance standards, edgefactory elevates brands by adding energy, emotion, and edge to meetings, tradeshows, special events and corporate communications for Fortune 500 companies, major industry associations and more. In addition, to live event content and corporate communications, it produces award-winning video content from commercials, public service announcements, and promo videos.

The latest and largest brand experience project edgefactory undertook was the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games held in Orlando, Florida. As the largest humanitarian event in Florida history, they had content playing on screens throughout the eight sporting venues, as well as a special TV channel produced that played for the tens of thousands of fans. They also produced the Healthy Athlete Experience in which over 12,000 free medical exams were given to athletes by over 600 healthcare professionals provided by OrlandoHealth. “I am so proud of our team. They pulled that off USA Games, a huge Scientific Industry show in Minneapolis, 2 shows at Disney, as well as a tradeshow for Merck all within the same week,” Cole said.

Cole’s vision for experience-based, technology-driven creative brand services fuels the company’s goals. His perspective has been instrumental in shaping brands experiences throughout his career. Since breaking ground in 1999, Cole has developed award winning multi-disciplinary resources for Meetings & Tradeshows; Brand Environments & Interactive Technology; Creative Media & Video Production; and Digital Signage & A/V Experiences.

As an NGLCC- certified business since 2015, the doors have opened for the small creative company that now has some of the biggest companies/brands in the world.

As an LGBT-BE certified company, our certification has presented a lot of opportunities. Certification is a legitimate reason to hire a company. If you have a variety of vendors bidding on one project and there happens to be one that is certified as a diverse business, it gives you an edge! We are thrilled not only to be LGBT-BE certified but the Creative Production Partner for the National LGBT Chamber for nearly a decade!”

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