Rejecting bias and bigotry in favor of acceptance and appreciation and incorporating this policy into an organization’s strategic vision is the central theme of D.A. Abrams’ book, “Diversity & Inclusion: The Big Six Formula for Success,” published in 2013. As the chief diversity and inclusion officer for the U.S. Tennis Association, he has set the bar for the inclusion of people of all backgrounds in the workplace and the marketplace.

D.A. Abrahms, Chief Diversity Officer USTA

D.A. Abrahms, Chief Diversity Officer USTA

In the book, Abrams frames the case for diversity and inclusion as a crucial business strategy. Written for diversity advocates at corporations and associations — as well as anyone interested in how diversity and inclusion translate into competitive advantages — the book aspires to help readers increase revenues by implementing Abrams’ Big Six Action Plan, which takes a comprehensive and holistic business approach to diversity & inclusion.

A Certified Association Executive™, Abrams uses his 20 years of experience at USTA to outline the steps to take to ensure a diverse workforce at every level, reach a multicultural marketplace and include diversity in an organization’s image, as a way of ensuring the greatest opportunities for growth and expansion.

“Anyone who fails to fully embrace … changing demographics will also fail to capitalize on the substantial growth in buying power that these diverse markets represent,” Abrams warns. “Not only are these diverse groups increasing as a percentage of the U.S. population, but so too is the buying power they wield.”


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