Meeting Expectations
AMI takes corporate meetings to the next level

For over 16 years, American Meetings, Inc. has been taking the meeting business to the next level innovating the space with the latest technology, all over the world.
“The marketing needs are always changing and we try to stay updated with our client needs. That’s a challenge but also one of our greatest opportunities,” Andy McNeill, CEO and principal of AMI “From virtual meetings to artificial intelligence and other technologies we benefit live meetings by creating connections that change lives.”
AMI is a visionary-led global meeting services organization collaborating with clients to meet their business goals, to amplify their organizations brand and allowing them to stand apart, by providing exceptional live and virtual meeting strategies worldwide.
“Our mission is to collaborate with the world’s top brands to have a positive, and often times, life changing impact on individuals through live and virtual meetings.
AI is something that we are highly focused on,” McNeill said. “There is a lot of different ways to leverage technology to the benefit of our clients. It’s not only the tech in the general sense but how we sign up people online; what kind of data; using mobile media apps etc.”
In the start of their business, McNeill was focused on pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare but there was a market shift in the industry when diversity and inclusion initiatives started taking off, and their list of clients has expanded to companies such as Salesforce, Mars and Pfizer.
“That’s when diversity and inclusions initiatives really started taking off and we were able to differentiate ourselves and build our network as meeting planners and suppliers.”
At present, most Fortune 500 business work through the procurement process. McNeill and his team reach out to diversity officers to find out the needs of the corporations meeting-needs.
“We start the RFP process, which is lengthy especially when you talk about millions and millions of dollars of corporate meeting spend. Hopefully we get chosen for our key differentiators, which include the latest meetings technology and a diverse workforce and suppliers focusing on LGBTQ, minorities, veteran and women-owned businesses.” This aides corporations who are looking for a certified business but also the value of having a strong Tier II supplier program of our own. Since we have begun our diversity program, we have provided over 3.6 million dollars in Tier II diversity spend to our suppliers.”
The goal of AMI is delivering exceptional service that helps the company look good and provides a meeting experience attendees will remember.
“We’ll meet you where you are and scale up or down to satisfy your specific requirements,” McNeill said. “And because our team of experienced strategic and certified meeting planners (SMPs/CMPs) have seen just about everything, we know how to resolve issues on the spot to ensure a flawless execution.”

Andy McNeill and Todd Bludworth, Principals of AMI, lead a small army of employees to meet the high expectations of their clients.

John Barone, Travel Director and John Cotter, COO, AMI team members help take corporate meetings to the next level